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Egypt extends between the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Red Sea in the east, the desert (Sahara) and Libya in the west and Sudan in the south.

It is about 1.002.000 km2 and is located along the north-east edge of the African continent, which is building a bridge over Sinai to the Asian continent. Only about 4% from the surface is arable. The overwhelming part consist of rocks, sand and mountain desert which extends to both sides of the Nile River and Sinai Peninsula.


The majority of the population is distributed along the fertile Nile Valley and Delta, and the quarter of the Egyptian population live in the capital Cairo. These areas belong to the most densely populated regions in the world. About 90 million people live in Egypt and that makes the country the most populated country in North Africa, which is around one quarter of the arabic population.


There are a lot of things to do in Egypt and a lot of Egypt tours, when you think of Egypt, the River Nile immediately springs to mind and raises the spirit to visualise auspicious images. The diving paradise of the Red Sea, the unworldly oasis’s and monasteries in the desert, and first and foremost the grandiose architectural monuments of the Pharaohs and Islamic high culture, the Pyramids and temples between Giza and Abu Simbel till the medieval mosques of Cairo, all gives the thirsty traveller an amazing cultural experience.


Shimmering deserts, lively bazaars, colourful coral reefs, the fertile green Nile Delta, the biblical mountains of Sinai and the endless beaches on the Red Sea all inspire you along with the mosques, the early Christian monasteries and Cairo, the biggest metropolis and “Mother of Cities”. With so many Egypt tours available, you will never be stuck for an exciting adventure whether it be in Upper Egypt, the Sinai Penninsula, North Coast, Red Sea or Delta regions.


A Tour through traditional Egypt is an unforgettable encounter with that 7000 year old culture, with gigantic monuments of magical beauty, breathtaking desert landscape, a fascinating underwater world, and its hospitable inhabitants. Tours through the medieval bazaar streets of old Cairo, the mud huts of the Fellahin villages in Upper Egypt and Delta, visits to old hermitages like the Bedouin tents of Sinai or the air-conditioned office towers of Alexandria and Cairo, leave a lasting impressions beside the fantastic historical sightseeing and the natural landscape. Egypt tours is the perfect way for tourists to discover Egypt.


“One can approximately know the whole world and it’s beauty, but who has not experienced Egypt has never truly experienced the depth of the world. Egypt is the ‘Alpha and Omega of all travel experiences’ as quoted by the travel writer Horst Krueger formulated so aptly 50 years ago and has not lost its validity today.