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Cairo is a densely populated city as are most major cities in the world. However, Cairo is the most populated city in North Africa with over 20 million residents in Cairo. However, due to its size and diversity, it is the perfect place to indulge in Cairo tours with many wonderful sights to explore. Therefore, you will find many things to do in Cairo and never be stuck for ideas.

Of course, when foreigners think of Cairo, their first thoughts are of the famous three Pyramids of Giza which are the signature of this city with no one missing out on visiting these spectacular structures along with the Sphinx. Cairo tours are available seven days a week for the adventure to the pyramids. Another famous site is of course the Egyptian Museum with its vast array of ancient artifacts from the Pharonic age including the famous golden sarcophagus of king Tutankhamun.

Along with this, are many other ‘not to miss’ Cairo tours of the Citadel, with its famous high landmark of the beautiful Mohammed Ali Mosque, and also the downtown famous Khan El Khalili market with its endless market stalls of Egyptian souvenirs and coffee shops where you can sit and relax.

There are endless and many things to do in Cairo, not just the old and ancient sites, but many newer and more modern city buildings. For example, there is the famous ‘Cairo Tower’, with its unusual architectural design, and is available to visit with a lift to the top of the tower with stunning views of the city. Many of the hotels are also of an unusual design and sit along the banks of the River Nile and are easily accessible with Cairo tours.

There will always be a friendly face happy to give you information as to where to go and what is on offer in this vibrant busy city. Cairo tours can offer you a wide range of activities and entertainment both day and night. At night, Cairo comes to life and the lights of the city transform it into a beautiful metropolis of excitement, music and fun. The Pyramids host a ‘sound and light’ show giving the visitor a wonderful view and history in sound and lights.

Whatever you choose, there will always be something to do in Cairo for any age. So, make the most of your time there, and enjoy!